Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MoM: Meteor

For the latest Mercs of Meleee challenge: We had to stop a meteor.

Tayne held the heavy book and stared straight at the fireball quickly growing in the sky. According to Kisa she had the book open to the right page, not that she could read it anyways. Kisa leaped up onto Tayne's shoulder and stepped down onto the spellbook.
This would have to be a team effort, and they had to act fast. While Kisa could read even the ancient script of tomes like this, she could not speak. Tayne was totally illiterate, but at least she could speak, and with their shared telepathy, that was all they needed.
One spell later the meteor was gone; blasted off to another dimension

Sunday, October 9, 2011

new group and (maybe?) a new style...

So, on dA I joined a group called Hetherev, another art roleplay group like MoM.

Volancoru the Dragon. If you can't read it, go here.
The idea is that characters get dropped in the world of Hetherev, losing much of their power and memory in the process. Once there, they go through the various challenges, getting chances to interact with a vast array or chars.
Number one was the entrance challenge. How and where does your char enter heth...
Naturally, Vol's lucky enough to wake up in the one and only active volcano. Notice the (almost) monochrome coloring? That was so much fun I decided to do more...

There's currently a special challenge going to draw you char as an elemental (a being adapted to one specific element). I started with wind:

But I liked it so much I did fire, water, and earth too:
Fire's my favorite out of the bunch.

All of these took roughly 2-3 hours and are done in monochrome, and I LOVE them. So... I think I'm one step closer to finding my own style. WOOT!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Evergreen State Fair 2011

I entered some artwork in the local fair this year, and they all won!

I haven't posted this one yet, full size coming soon
Jorogumo - 96 Points - First Place
Dobhar-Chu - 91 Points - First Place

Daleel - 84 Points - Second Place
Each category had multiple winners, your place was based on a score card and not who's the absolute best. 90+ got you first place, 80+ got second, and 70+ got third. It was sort of like grades in school: this many points gets you an A, this many gets you a B, etc. That was possibly my favorite part of the contest, that they gave me the score cards afterward so I could see WHY I got the scores that I did, they even wrote critiques on them!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Commissions Open!

I can now take commissions! Support a developing artist! If you have money, please buy one!
(Overselling it much?)

Basic prices:

Black & White Sketch - $5

Monochrome Sketch - $5

Color Sketch - $7

Blank Line Art - $10

Detailed monochrome - $15

Flat Color - $15

Full Color - $20


Simple character?
Subtract $1 - $5

Head only?
Subtract $1 - $5

Complex character?
Add $1 - $7

Complex pose?
Add $1 - $5

Detailed background?
Add $5 - $20

Multiple characters?
Double the Price


- E-mail me at or send me a note on deviantArt.
- Explain the scene/pose and type of commission you want me to draw. If you are using your own character please provide a reference image.
- I will contact you with the final cost of the picture.
- When I have received payment I will begin work on the picture. I will E-mail the finished artwork to you within two weeks.

At the moment I will only accept payment through PayPal.
I will not draw copyrighted characters. No Pokemon, Digimon, Anime, etc.
I am currently testing these prices. They may change with little warning.

Want a something special not listed here? E-mail me!

*I'll add more examples as I get them, but it might take awhile*

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ren's Mission

Mission 7 for Mercs of Meleee, "show us your character's evil side". This isn't for Tayne, instead I finished msrandompants challenge. Her character is named Ren. Ren's Bio says she's a kickboxing necromancer with a psychotic side. During the mission she turns into a zombie and gains telekinesis. Yeah. Fun.

Here's the story, enjoy!

The evil that haunted the Merc Mansion floated through the halls searching for its next victim. Ren (as she will now be called) just woke up from a peaceful slumber. The starving cat village had taken a lot out of her and she immediately ran home, bathed and fell asleep. The evil energy spied the refreshed mercenary and a feral grin broke out on its red face. With inhuman speed it zoomed through the hall and straight into Ren, emerging from her chest seconds after. It laughed and watched as its power infested the merc.

She felt pain, otherworldly pain as she felt her very soul torn from her body. A bright blue light erupted from her eyes and mouth, allowing her soul to escape. She released a ear-splitting scream before she dropped to her knees.
The blue light floated from Ren's body as she fell and turned into a purple form. She sat on her hands and knees, breathing harshly as the form began to speak. It raised a glowing hand to its face and laughed.

"I'm finally free of that rotting bag of meat! Hahaha! This feels fantastic! Might as well put that empty shell to Rise! Follow my commands!"

Ren's soul was the embodiment of her necromantic powers and due to the evil of Merc Mansion, it was turned into a vessel of pure hate, bent on destroying all in its path. 

Ren's body however, suffered through a massive change. As it was no longer the host of a soul, the body had rapidly rotted, leaving her hair light grey-ish brown and her skin green and sickly. Her jacket seemed to have lost its coloring while her pants morphed from blue pinstripe to green camo.

A purple light surrounded the corpse as she was placed under her soul's control.
Ren's corpse rose to its knees, ready for its master's commands. A dark red smoke wafted from her body, forming the Evil's symbol above her head.

"Be a dear and show them your dormant power." Her soul floated in front of Ren, watching as her new puppet charged a blue energy in her hands. The zombie lifted one arm and directed the energy to a nearby chair that had been placed in the hallway. It was surrounded by the energy and began to float.

"Perfect! Now, destroy it!" 

Ren clenched her outstretched hand and the chair was crushed under the weight of the power.

"How delicious! Who would've known that Ren, haha as a corpse, could use telekinesis? Oh how lovely!" The bodiless soul clapped her hands together and smiled.

"Now follow me puppet. We have a mercenary guild to destroy!"


And now, the conclusion, written by me:

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sketch Dump #1

My very first sketch dump. Woohoo!
First up are a series of character concepts for I story I probably won't ever write. Drawn because I wanted to play in grayscale.

Fun design inspired by something online, and two character concepts for a different story I probably won't write.

A "just for fun" character and her pet.

 Finished this about five minutes ago, more character concepts. Belongs to the second storyline I mentioned.

As you might have guessed, I have lots of story ideas that I'm not really doing anything with. I mostly keep them around so I can abuse the characters when I'm bored.
As of writing this I have:
4 ideas that I could turn into books if I had the motivation.
4 ideas that I want to turn into video/board games but lack motivation
7 ideas that are missing key details for me to turn into books
1 fully developed world that has no real use
and countless ideas that I gave up on that will one day be reincarnated in a way that makes much more sense than the original.

Yeah, I don't think I'm EVER going to run out of ideas.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deliver milk to the villages

Mercs of Meleee mission six is finished. I wrote a short story to go with my entry.


"Our poor neighbor villages are starving! Go and deliver some milk to them please. It's all we can do for now..."

"This is a bit ridiculous"
("You're the one who volunteered")
A cart carrying the giant milk bottle rattled as it hit a rock.
"I didn't realize I was signing up for this!" Tayne said.
("Too bad") was Kisa's telepathic reply. She rested comfortably, perched on the ox who was towing the excessively heavy cart.
There was a sudden thud, and the ox took off at high speed. Tayne spun around just in time to see the milk bottle rolling away. She dashed off in pursuit.

Kisa, on the other hand, was getting a bumpy ride on the back of a surprised ox. She grabbed the reins in her teeth and tugged on them, bringing the beast to a halt. She dropped down and ran after Tayne.

Tayne was out of sight when she caught up, but was quickly spotted several feet ahead of the milk bottle, braced for impact. Was she going to catch it? A moment later though, she realized just how fast the bottle was accelerating, and that she was going to be crushed. She stood staring, like a deer in headlights.

(“Jump, you dolt!”)
Snapped back to her senses by Kisa’s insult, Tayne jumped, ending up on top of the milk bottle.
Kisa cried, (“How do we stop it!”)
"Who said anything about stopping? I bet we can get there twice as fast this way!”

"I hope the villagers don't mind getting some cream instead......"
Kisa rocketed off a passing rock, landing next to Tayne, and the pair rolled away into the distance.

Painting Practice

Digital painting, that is.

I did this yesterday, just for practice. And I couldn't think of anything better to do.

This took... three hours?
I dunno, I wasn't watching the clock.

It was fun to draw.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mercs of Meleee

I've joined a group on DeviantArt called Mercs of Meleee (Like melee, only with an extra e to make it more awesome). It's a type of role-playing group. A quick explanaion:
"The Mercs-of-Meleee is a group of dedicated heroes and heroines who risks their lives to take on dangerous missions. Each Deviant can use themselves or their original character and set them out on the missions available. Missions can sometimes include defeating a powerful dragon, saving a princess, or even delivering milk to the nearby poor village."

These are my heros:
If you have trouble reading it you can go to my deviantart page to full-view it.

Their first mission had to slay a dragon. Tayne fights fire with fire to gain victory.

The next job she took was mission 4: Rescue Puffluff the dogfish. Puffluff had been kidnapped by an evil hooded man and was going to be cooked and eaten!

Luckily, the plan went off without a hitch. While Tayne distracted the hooded man (she's good at that), Kisa freed Puffluff and the two slunk away to safety. She signaled Tayne via telepathy, and all three of then fled before the man had time to realize their trick.

That's all I have for now, but expect more of these two in the future, I really enjoy drawing them, and I've got another roleplay group for them to join when I have time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This was my present to dad this year:
 Why yes, that is a green dragon, sitting on my dad's truck, eating a squirrel and holding a half-empty beer bottle.

Here's a detail shot:
It looks like you caught him in the middle of his snack!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


As I said yesterday, I've been working on a school project for my science-fiction class. The task is to create an imaginary world. To top it off, we have to have a short story (or movie) involving creatures and events from the project. This whole thing would be easier if I wasn't over-achieving of course, (we need three creatures, I have four) but still...

Here's a picture of the creatures:
We have to include culture and mythology for each creature, and to illustrate it I played with some different styles. I decided that, while they all believe in the same group of gods, they worship different ones.

First, the spiky one:
I tried to mimic ancient cave paintings. These creatures spend almost all of their time underground. Their god is the god of earth. He sleeps constantly, but when he stirs, it triggers earthquakes and rock slides.

Next, the half-fish people:
You can probably tell, but I tried for stained glass. The fish people are almost entirely farmers, because the planet is too dry to grow anything except underwater. Thus, it makes sense for them to worship harvest gods. Some notes: The far left one has seaweed for hair, the one next to her is the only one wearing clothes, and I tried to give the one on the far right a really long tail, but it blends into the background somewhat.

Then there's this picture from yesterday. (I'll use a small version since I already posted it.)
I used something similar to my normal stencil style. The planet has two suns and two moons, so these are twin sun and twin moon gods.

Last, the gods of the nomadic desert imps.
The gods of sandstorms and rain. I tried to mimic traditional Chinese watercolor. It's not perfect, but I like it.

That's all, Enjoy!

Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm working on a project for school that involves WAY too many pictures. To make it easier, I've adopted a new coloring style. This one's my favorite:

Usually I trace over the picture and color, but this time I simply made my pencil sketch transparent and colored underneath.

Here's another picture for the assignment (not the same style though)
Love this picture. They're supposed to be sun and moon gods. And yes, there are supposed to be two of each.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is a monster from Inuit mythology, it's name means "shapeshifter".
This guy was fun to draw, I combined as many North American animals as I could into one creature.
When I was brainstorming the colors I took this thought process:
Shapeshifting = Chaos
Chaos is usually colored black.
The Inuit live where it snows a lot. Blizzards could be considered chaos.
Therefore: Ijiraq = Chaos = White

For the Background I used India ink and did a "toothbrush effect" (where you dip a toothbrush in a watery paint/ ink and run your finger over the bristles to spray paint/ ink on the picture) then I painted over it with white. Unfortunately I didn't have any small brushes so the lines aren't as  clean as I'd like. Naturally, mom bought me the perfect set of thin brushes the day AFTER I finished.

Alphabeastiary's post on the Ijiraq

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lit from Behind

All together now: Shiineey...

Anyways, this is my character Runa again. I spent just under 3 hours on it. This is also my first serious attempt at drawing a light source directly behind the character.


Saturday, April 2, 2011


Just finished this:
My Character Runa.
I like using purple when I draw her, because purple and yellow are opposite colors, so it's fun to see how I can make them blend.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Not much to say about this one but I absolutely love it.
Trying a new style of shading + line art. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daleel: Demigod of Death

Here's one of the characters I designed:

His name is Daleel, and he's the Demigod of death in a story I'm working on. It's his job to guide people to the afterlife. If the person was evil, he simply eats their spirit instead. He can appear in multiple places at once, and can take any form (animals, angels, demons, etc.)

I seem to like drawing him as a coyote the most.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Dobhar-chu is an Irish lake monster; when translated from Celtic, its name means water-hound.
Drawn with india ink and calligraphy pens on a painted background.

My interpretation of it was that it was some sort of a mix between an otter and a dog, with webbed paws and fish-like fins. This picture, however, was based almost entirely off a newspaper clipping, detailing the report of a man who saw (and was bitten by) the creature.

This was done for the Alphabeastiary Challenge. I haven't actually been accepted to the challenge yet, but it doesn't matter; I had fun drawing it.

To see what Alphabeastiary has to say about the Dobhar-chu, & other people's artwork of it, go here:

To see the Alphabeastiary main page, go here: