Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daleel: Demigod of Death

Here's one of the characters I designed:

His name is Daleel, and he's the Demigod of death in a story I'm working on. It's his job to guide people to the afterlife. If the person was evil, he simply eats their spirit instead. He can appear in multiple places at once, and can take any form (animals, angels, demons, etc.)

I seem to like drawing him as a coyote the most.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Dobhar-chu is an Irish lake monster; when translated from Celtic, its name means water-hound.
Drawn with india ink and calligraphy pens on a painted background.

My interpretation of it was that it was some sort of a mix between an otter and a dog, with webbed paws and fish-like fins. This picture, however, was based almost entirely off a newspaper clipping, detailing the report of a man who saw (and was bitten by) the creature.

This was done for the Alphabeastiary Challenge. I haven't actually been accepted to the challenge yet, but it doesn't matter; I had fun drawing it.

To see what Alphabeastiary has to say about the Dobhar-chu, & other people's artwork of it, go here:

To see the Alphabeastiary main page, go here:


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