Saturday, August 20, 2011

Commissions Open!

I can now take commissions! Support a developing artist! If you have money, please buy one!
(Overselling it much?)

Basic prices:

Black & White Sketch - $5

Monochrome Sketch - $5

Color Sketch - $7

Blank Line Art - $10

Detailed monochrome - $15

Flat Color - $15

Full Color - $20


Simple character?
Subtract $1 - $5

Head only?
Subtract $1 - $5

Complex character?
Add $1 - $7

Complex pose?
Add $1 - $5

Detailed background?
Add $5 - $20

Multiple characters?
Double the Price


- E-mail me at or send me a note on deviantArt.
- Explain the scene/pose and type of commission you want me to draw. If you are using your own character please provide a reference image.
- I will contact you with the final cost of the picture.
- When I have received payment I will begin work on the picture. I will E-mail the finished artwork to you within two weeks.

At the moment I will only accept payment through PayPal.
I will not draw copyrighted characters. No Pokemon, Digimon, Anime, etc.
I am currently testing these prices. They may change with little warning.

Want a something special not listed here? E-mail me!

*I'll add more examples as I get them, but it might take awhile*

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ren's Mission

Mission 7 for Mercs of Meleee, "show us your character's evil side". This isn't for Tayne, instead I finished msrandompants challenge. Her character is named Ren. Ren's Bio says she's a kickboxing necromancer with a psychotic side. During the mission she turns into a zombie and gains telekinesis. Yeah. Fun.

Here's the story, enjoy!

The evil that haunted the Merc Mansion floated through the halls searching for its next victim. Ren (as she will now be called) just woke up from a peaceful slumber. The starving cat village had taken a lot out of her and she immediately ran home, bathed and fell asleep. The evil energy spied the refreshed mercenary and a feral grin broke out on its red face. With inhuman speed it zoomed through the hall and straight into Ren, emerging from her chest seconds after. It laughed and watched as its power infested the merc.

She felt pain, otherworldly pain as she felt her very soul torn from her body. A bright blue light erupted from her eyes and mouth, allowing her soul to escape. She released a ear-splitting scream before she dropped to her knees.
The blue light floated from Ren's body as she fell and turned into a purple form. She sat on her hands and knees, breathing harshly as the form began to speak. It raised a glowing hand to its face and laughed.

"I'm finally free of that rotting bag of meat! Hahaha! This feels fantastic! Might as well put that empty shell to Rise! Follow my commands!"

Ren's soul was the embodiment of her necromantic powers and due to the evil of Merc Mansion, it was turned into a vessel of pure hate, bent on destroying all in its path. 

Ren's body however, suffered through a massive change. As it was no longer the host of a soul, the body had rapidly rotted, leaving her hair light grey-ish brown and her skin green and sickly. Her jacket seemed to have lost its coloring while her pants morphed from blue pinstripe to green camo.

A purple light surrounded the corpse as she was placed under her soul's control.
Ren's corpse rose to its knees, ready for its master's commands. A dark red smoke wafted from her body, forming the Evil's symbol above her head.

"Be a dear and show them your dormant power." Her soul floated in front of Ren, watching as her new puppet charged a blue energy in her hands. The zombie lifted one arm and directed the energy to a nearby chair that had been placed in the hallway. It was surrounded by the energy and began to float.

"Perfect! Now, destroy it!" 

Ren clenched her outstretched hand and the chair was crushed under the weight of the power.

"How delicious! Who would've known that Ren, haha as a corpse, could use telekinesis? Oh how lovely!" The bodiless soul clapped her hands together and smiled.

"Now follow me puppet. We have a mercenary guild to destroy!"


And now, the conclusion, written by me: