Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creature Concepts

How do I title a nameless character idea? ... well, I guess that works.

I saw something on dA that inspired this:
A small, winged pearl with some odd smoke inside. It could flap around and the smoke/spirit inside could manifest in various shapes. It would be a guide character, like Navi or Tatl in Legend of Zelda.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Character Dump 01

I have a new handheld scanner, so expect these posts more often.

A fan character for Sonic the Hedgehog. Her name's River the Salamander.

Comic with Kisa, Tayne, and a random generic fox (or maybe rune).

Basic notes about hair and eyes for these two, Kiayra and Ryuka

Jake the wolf-spider-dog thing. More info on him when I have a better pic.

Character for someone else's kid's book I considered illustrating. Never contacted him though. I think the kid's name was Timothy.