Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mutant Zombie Concepts

I was recently rejected for an Rp group on dA. Called Umbagog, it focuses on mutated zombies. Yup, zombies. And yup, rejected. "Practice basic skills" they said, and I'm like "What?! I RULE at basic skills!" Stuff about backgrounds and anatomy, which makes me think I just sent them the wrong example art...
None the less, I said from the start that I would draw and post zombies whether I'm accepted or not, so here's my concepts so far:

Pencil wakes up as a perfectly normal zombie in the middle of a random street. You can see another zombie took a chunk out of her side already.

She makes a very good zombie...

And collects some random junk...

"That's no ordinary rabbit!"
Her leg is stolen by a high-level zombie, but her mob leader chases him off. Only he can eat his zombies!

So there's that...

How does one walk with one leg? funny you should ask...

No really, I imagine it's quite ridiculous to watch.

This is a long post, so we'll continue with other ideas and Pen's transition to a super zombie on another day.

... Day?
... Night?
*looks at clock*
... Morning.... yup, time for bed...

Good night, don't let the zombies bite.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Character Scribble

It's midnight and I drew a picture of Volancoru:

"Hey Vol, watch the eye shadow. Any more and you'll start looking like a girl."


"Ok then, see ya."