Saturday, August 20, 2011

Commissions Open!

I can now take commissions! Support a developing artist! If you have money, please buy one!
(Overselling it much?)

Basic prices:

Black & White Sketch - $5

Monochrome Sketch - $5

Color Sketch - $7

Blank Line Art - $10

Detailed monochrome - $15

Flat Color - $15

Full Color - $20


Simple character?
Subtract $1 - $5

Head only?
Subtract $1 - $5

Complex character?
Add $1 - $7

Complex pose?
Add $1 - $5

Detailed background?
Add $5 - $20

Multiple characters?
Double the Price


- E-mail me at or send me a note on deviantArt.
- Explain the scene/pose and type of commission you want me to draw. If you are using your own character please provide a reference image.
- I will contact you with the final cost of the picture.
- When I have received payment I will begin work on the picture. I will E-mail the finished artwork to you within two weeks.

At the moment I will only accept payment through PayPal.
I will not draw copyrighted characters. No Pokemon, Digimon, Anime, etc.
I am currently testing these prices. They may change with little warning.

Want a something special not listed here? E-mail me!

*I'll add more examples as I get them, but it might take awhile*

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