Saturday, September 10, 2011

Evergreen State Fair 2011

I entered some artwork in the local fair this year, and they all won!

I haven't posted this one yet, full size coming soon
Jorogumo - 96 Points - First Place
Dobhar-Chu - 91 Points - First Place

Daleel - 84 Points - Second Place
Each category had multiple winners, your place was based on a score card and not who's the absolute best. 90+ got you first place, 80+ got second, and 70+ got third. It was sort of like grades in school: this many points gets you an A, this many gets you a B, etc. That was possibly my favorite part of the contest, that they gave me the score cards afterward so I could see WHY I got the scores that I did, they even wrote critiques on them!

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