Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is a monster from Inuit mythology, it's name means "shapeshifter".
This guy was fun to draw, I combined as many North American animals as I could into one creature.
When I was brainstorming the colors I took this thought process:
Shapeshifting = Chaos
Chaos is usually colored black.
The Inuit live where it snows a lot. Blizzards could be considered chaos.
Therefore: Ijiraq = Chaos = White

For the Background I used India ink and did a "toothbrush effect" (where you dip a toothbrush in a watery paint/ ink and run your finger over the bristles to spray paint/ ink on the picture) then I painted over it with white. Unfortunately I didn't have any small brushes so the lines aren't as  clean as I'd like. Naturally, mom bought me the perfect set of thin brushes the day AFTER I finished.

Alphabeastiary's post on the Ijiraq

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  1. Hey, if you told me your plans a bit ahead of time, maybe you would have gotten thin brushes sooner. Oh well, now you have them for your next project at least.