Sunday, May 22, 2011


As I said yesterday, I've been working on a school project for my science-fiction class. The task is to create an imaginary world. To top it off, we have to have a short story (or movie) involving creatures and events from the project. This whole thing would be easier if I wasn't over-achieving of course, (we need three creatures, I have four) but still...

Here's a picture of the creatures:
We have to include culture and mythology for each creature, and to illustrate it I played with some different styles. I decided that, while they all believe in the same group of gods, they worship different ones.

First, the spiky one:
I tried to mimic ancient cave paintings. These creatures spend almost all of their time underground. Their god is the god of earth. He sleeps constantly, but when he stirs, it triggers earthquakes and rock slides.

Next, the half-fish people:
You can probably tell, but I tried for stained glass. The fish people are almost entirely farmers, because the planet is too dry to grow anything except underwater. Thus, it makes sense for them to worship harvest gods. Some notes: The far left one has seaweed for hair, the one next to her is the only one wearing clothes, and I tried to give the one on the far right a really long tail, but it blends into the background somewhat.

Then there's this picture from yesterday. (I'll use a small version since I already posted it.)
I used something similar to my normal stencil style. The planet has two suns and two moons, so these are twin sun and twin moon gods.

Last, the gods of the nomadic desert imps.
The gods of sandstorms and rain. I tried to mimic traditional Chinese watercolor. It's not perfect, but I like it.

That's all, Enjoy!

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  1. WOW -- I'm very impressed!!! Beautiful work!
    Love you, kiddo!