Friday, February 3, 2012

Playing Possum

New year's resolution: update my blog semi-regularly.

Anyways, Dad set up a trap to catch some stray cats that have moved in around our house.
(No worries, it's a live trap. The plan is just to move them to the fairgrounds nearby where they can be happier)

Instead of catching a cat though, he caught a possum. We've got lots of them around our house, but I don't usually see them close up, so I asked him to leave it for a bit so I could do some observational drawings. Here they are:

Things I noticed:
1) Their tails are scaly
2) They have what appears to be a backwards toe that they walk on on their back foot
3) Their faces are a bit shorter than I thought, so I had trouble drawing the angle accurately.
4) I also had trouble keeping the paws and head in porportion

In the bottom corner (in the circle) is the picture I did from memory the next day.


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