Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deliver milk to the villages

Mercs of Meleee mission six is finished. I wrote a short story to go with my entry.


"Our poor neighbor villages are starving! Go and deliver some milk to them please. It's all we can do for now..."

"This is a bit ridiculous"
("You're the one who volunteered")
A cart carrying the giant milk bottle rattled as it hit a rock.
"I didn't realize I was signing up for this!" Tayne said.
("Too bad") was Kisa's telepathic reply. She rested comfortably, perched on the ox who was towing the excessively heavy cart.
There was a sudden thud, and the ox took off at high speed. Tayne spun around just in time to see the milk bottle rolling away. She dashed off in pursuit.

Kisa, on the other hand, was getting a bumpy ride on the back of a surprised ox. She grabbed the reins in her teeth and tugged on them, bringing the beast to a halt. She dropped down and ran after Tayne.

Tayne was out of sight when she caught up, but was quickly spotted several feet ahead of the milk bottle, braced for impact. Was she going to catch it? A moment later though, she realized just how fast the bottle was accelerating, and that she was going to be crushed. She stood staring, like a deer in headlights.

(“Jump, you dolt!”)
Snapped back to her senses by Kisa’s insult, Tayne jumped, ending up on top of the milk bottle.
Kisa cried, (“How do we stop it!”)
"Who said anything about stopping? I bet we can get there twice as fast this way!”

"I hope the villagers don't mind getting some cream instead......"
Kisa rocketed off a passing rock, landing next to Tayne, and the pair rolled away into the distance.

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