Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sketch Dump #1

My very first sketch dump. Woohoo!
First up are a series of character concepts for I story I probably won't ever write. Drawn because I wanted to play in grayscale.

Fun design inspired by something online, and two character concepts for a different story I probably won't write.

A "just for fun" character and her pet.

 Finished this about five minutes ago, more character concepts. Belongs to the second storyline I mentioned.

As you might have guessed, I have lots of story ideas that I'm not really doing anything with. I mostly keep them around so I can abuse the characters when I'm bored.
As of writing this I have:
4 ideas that I could turn into books if I had the motivation.
4 ideas that I want to turn into video/board games but lack motivation
7 ideas that are missing key details for me to turn into books
1 fully developed world that has no real use
and countless ideas that I gave up on that will one day be reincarnated in a way that makes much more sense than the original.

Yeah, I don't think I'm EVER going to run out of ideas.


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